Our Journey So Far

Innovating for now, caring forever

We've got exciting plans; our timeline of milestones and achievements is sure to grow!


The idea for the uRoster system was created and the initial care management system research began.

September 2019

The research team worked alongside quality compliance company Care 4 Quality to gain awareness and a comprehensive understanding of CQC's regulatory needs within the care industry.

November 2019

uRoster went into partnership with 3 care providers. These clients were offered further insight by acting as pilots during the development stages of the care management system.

January 2020

Workshop feedback enabled the uRoster team to decide on a system name and branding that would embody the modern, caring, and intelligent aim of the product, thus uRosterCare was trademarked.

February 2020

Client feedback and CQC requirements were assembled into technical documentation. The system developers could then interpret how each feature would be built accordingly.

March 2020

The building blocks of creating the system commenced, the development team worked together to put in place the fundamental code that met design requirements.

August 2020

The project roadmap was adjusted to reflect a phased release to the pilot clients. Work began on prioritizing and refining the areas of uRosterCare to be released first.

December 2020

Completion of the first major section of uRosterCare ready for the pilot clients to review and provide feedback for improvement.

January 2021

Regular virtual review sessions begin involving uRosterCare project members and pilot clients. These sessions will be used to showcase each area of the system so the development team can get immediate feedback.

June 2021

The proposed launch date for uRosterCare's first release to the pilot clients. They will use the system's Alpha release product, providing feedback, whilst development takes place on additional features.

December 2021

The market will be introduced to the offerings of uRosterCare. This release will incorporate all the fundamentals a provider would need with the provision that new, exciting and innovative features will be released over the subsequent 12-18 months.